Is your website outgrowing Adobe Business Catalyst CMS?

Over the last few years we have migrated several large Adobe Business Catalyst websites to a custom solution, specifically tailored to meet clients’ business requirements and goals.

In all cases we've migrated existing data and performed seamless migration. Read about the reasons for migrating away below.

Here are some of the reasons our clients have moved away from Business Catalyst:

  • Client’s CRM database of contacts, orders and form submissions (cases) became increasingly unmanageable for the site administrators. As the number of orders and customers increased inside the Business Catalyst CRM, some tasks, such as looking up customer, looking up orders, sorting, filtering and reporting become very time consuming and lead to a lot of errors.
  • Feature limitations and a lack of customisation. Most sites these days require rich member zones in which logged in users can perform certain tasks, such as managing their recurring and future orders, downloading reports and PDF files from a dynamically generated content, submit inquiries and files against their orders, publishing listings, checking the status of an order and tracking, submitting intelligent multi-step forms, viewing training material and answering questions etc. Giving users the power to manage these things themselves usually means less work for the site admin in a lot of cases, which in turn requires less admin staff and massive cost savings.
  • Site becoming slow and requiring messy javascript workarounds. There are limits on Business Catalyst which can affect site usability and performance. One example is the 500 items per page web app item limit, or lack of ability to make database queries and being required to loop through the whole dataset inside Liquid template markup just to do something simple like match a certain custom field. This can slow down the rendering drastically to 5 - 10 seconds for the initial response.
  • Cost of customisations and workarounds in the long run. From our experience, it is very quick to build a basic site on Business Catalyst, so it’s a great platform for startups who need a proof of concept, but since your only tools for customisation are Liquid templating language and JavaScript, as a developer you tend to get bogged down in massive JavaScript files and JavaScript workarounds. And these are often not pretty

Reasons for ditching Adobe Business Catalyst

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Migrating your Adobe Business Catalyst website data

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Not only that we can tailor a new platform to match the business requirements, but we can migrate all of your existing data from your Adobe Business Catalyst website to your new and shiny website. We can migrate the following items:

  • Your frontend code and design. If you’re happy with the look of your existing website we can reuse it on the new backend. This can also significantly reduce the overall cost of the project.
  • All CRM data which includes customers, orders, cases, events, web app items and anything else that can be accessed via Business Catalyst API. This allows us to migrate the site without any disruption to your day to day tasks as well as your customers’. We’ve done seamless switchovers to the new solution without customers noticing anything different apart from the new and improved functionality.
  • All our sites use SSL certificates throughout the site, which means that the site visitors will not see insecure warnings in their browser when visiting the site or be redirected to a different domain to fulfil their order (this can result in customer drop-off and lower sales).