We are also Adobe Business Catalyst experts.

We've been involved with Adobe Business Catalyst since 2007. Over the last several years we have migrated over 10 large Adobe Business Catalyst websites to Django, and specifically tailored the sites to meet clients’ business requirements and goals.

In all cases we've migrated existing data and performed seamless migration. Some of these site are now turning over a million dollars a month.

Migrating your Business Catalyst website to Django

Ditching Business Catalyst Image

Because we are very familiar with Adobe Business Catalyst and because we know its features well, we are able to tailor the new Django solution to match most of those features and make the solution a please to use.

Migrating data

Not only that we can tailor a new platform to match the business requirements, but we can migrate all of your existing data from your Adobe Business Catalyst website to your new and shiny website. We can migrate the following items:

  • Your frontend code and design. If you’re happy with the look of your existing website we can reuse it on the new backend. This can also significantly reduce the overall cost of the project.

  • All CRM data which includes customers, orders, cases, events, web app items and anything else that can be accessed via Business Catalyst API. This allows us to migrate the site without any disruption to your day to day tasks as well as your customers’. We’ve done seamless switchovers to the new solution without customers noticing anything different apart from the new and improved functionality.

  • All our sites use SSL certificates throughout the site, which means that the site visitors will not see insecure warnings in their browser when visiting the site or be redirected to a different domain to fulfil their order (this can result in customer drop-off and lower sales).

Site improvements

Gone will be the days of cumbersome WYSIWYG editor that's constantly breaking the site. The end user editing the content will not have put the designer hat on to make edits. With use of Wagtail CMS and its block content editor, the site editing becomes a breeze and fool proof.

Gone are the insane JavaScript workarounds, we've seen on a lot of BC sites, to achieve simple things.

And finally, there's nothing we can't build in Django. Seriously! The business owner will never have to hear "No, sorry, we can't do that".