We have integrated Adobe Business Catalyst with a multitude of other systems over the years.

Since 2012 we have integrated Adobe Business Catalyst through its API with a number of external applications, such as CRMs, POS systems, accounting packages, SMS gateway and lots of other custom and inhouse solutions. If it has an API we can integrate it.

We also run applications on our servers which pull data from BC or external files, manipulate it, then push it back to BC. Some of these applications have a custom built interfaces for data manipulation and management.

Business Catalyst Integrations we have built so far

Business Catalyst to Xero integration

Xero is a great accounting package. We use it ourselves for invoicing and keeping a track of quotes, expenses, staffing and anything else you may expect from an accounting package. But the best thing about Xero is its API. It's solid and Business Catalyst can be integrated with it well.

We've built middleware on our servers which sits between Business Catalyst and Xero and pushes customer orders, line items and customer details from one to the other seamlessly.

Since we can customise our integrations to your heart's desire, we can do a lot more than off the shelf solutions can.

Business Catalyst Web Apps integrations

We have created several solutions which pull the data from external database or a file and push that data into Business Catalyst Web Apps at regular intervals. In case you don't know what Business Catalyst Web Apps are, it's a powerful module which allows you to create a custom database schema without any programming or database knowledge.

Here are some examples of regular web app imports by our applications:
  • Mobile homes and caravans listing website - The customer has access to a national registrar for holiday caravans from which we obtain the data and push it to Business Catalyst web app. We also keep the track of deleted items and associate items with dealer categories specified in the external database. This customer does not have to use business catalyst interface since the items are managed by our middleware.
  • Businesses for sale listing - This client provides a set of CSV files for 4 different web apps on his Business Catalyst website, which are FTP'd from a custom .Net solution to his site. We download and parse these files several times a day and create and update web app items in a BC site.
  • Web app driven calendars - For four different school sites we are populating a web app calendar with items from their databases. One of the sites provides an ical file generated by iWise, which we parse and import to BC. Another site provides a SOAP based web service. For a third site we connect to Microsoft SQL server and run a row query which we then upload to Business Catalyst calendar web app and forth site uploads an ical file which we download, parse and upload to a web app.

Business Catalyst to Saasu integration

When OneSaas discontinued their integration with Business Catalyst in early 2015, we stepped in with a new Saasu to Business Catalyst integration. Saasu is an Australian Accounting Software service.

Our Saasu to Business Catalyst integration pushes all orders from BC to Saasu with all line items matching up exactly as they should. It takes care of any GST calculation discrepancies between the two systems. Where there is an error, it reports back to the business owner with what action needs to be taken so they can make the adjustments and manually re-sync the orders again.

Our Business Catalyst to Saasu integration has pushed thousands of Business Catalyst (worth hundreds of thousands of dollars) orders to Saasu saving our clients countless hours every week in data entry and reconciliation.

Business Catalyst to POS integration (Vend)

One of our most popular integrations between Business Catalyst and a 3rd party software-as-a-service, our Vend to Business Catalyst integration has enabled many business owners to hook up BC to a modern, easy-to-use Point-of-Sale system. We offer a two-way integration.

All orders from Business Catalyst are automatically synced to Vend as Register Sales. Businesses can setup a Vend 'Register' which represents their online business in addition to the register they use for their bricks and mortar store to have a single point of reference for their sales and revenue. Additionally Vend handles inventory and our Vend-Business Catalyst integration is able to sync the inventory inside Vend to their Business Catalyst.

Business Catalyst to Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is a CRM for small-to-medium businesses with marketing automation and lead capture abilities. When businesses outgrow the Business Catalyst standard CRM that comes out of the box, they can use our Business Catalyst-Infusionsoft integration to automatically push all CRM data to Infusionsoft.

Our integration service is able to take data from Business Catalyst custom CRM fields and map these to Infusionsoft custom fields. We are also able to take Order data and newsletter subscription data from Business Catalyst and map these across to Infusionsoft to give the business owner a much more powerful solution from which to manage their customer data.

Business Catalyst to C9

C9 https://c8software.com.au/wp/ is a motorcycle spare parts and accesories software system for managing inventory for dealerships. Our C9 to Business Catalyst integration is able to take your full inventory from C9 and map it across to catalogs inside Business Catalyst. Each product comes across automatically from C9 with product name, description, images, product attributes and pricing all populated inside BC. There is the option to turn on inventory management

Business Catalyst to SMS Gateways

We have integrated with a number of SMS gateways including Twilio (Worldwide), BurstSMS (Australia), TxtLocal (UK). If you would like to set up an automated SMS campaign for people who sign-up for Business Catalyst members only zones, or purchase products from a Business Catalyst site, then talk to us about our SMS Gateway integrations and the business logic that we can provide.

Business Catalyst to lead generation software

Crown Relocations use a centralized lead generation system that their agents world wide are using. When Crown Relocations Australia needed to plug their Business Catalyst site into their lead generation system, they turned to our expertise. We were able to take their web form submissions along with complex custom fields (i.e. moving from, moving to, number of bedrooms etc) and automatically map these over to their lead generation and quote system so their staff automatically receive leads from Business Catalyst.

Orders To CSV

We've built a number of Order-to-CSV integrations over the years. Many of our clients have bespoke or legacy CRM systems which require the order data to be formatted a certain way before it's imported as a comma-separated-value file. Our integrations convert orders complete with customer data, order data including shipping and billing addresses, line items, shipping and taxes into any format you require.

CSV to Inventory

A lot of businesses run stock and inventory mananagement systems which export the stock levels as a CSV on a nightly basis and then allow access via FTP. Alternatively they might have a script that FTPs the stock/inventory CSV file to Business Catalyst.

Our integrations are able to process these stock/inventory CSVs and update the Ecommerce products inside Business Catalyst with the correct inventory level. We are even able to update product variations within products with the correct inventory.

Business Catalyst to Starrez

Starrez is a Student Housing Portal. We have built an integrated solution where students can go to a Business Catalyst site to make accommodation bookings, make enquiries or put themselves and a waitlist and these are automatically transferred over to Starrez as student applications. Come talk to us today if you have a Business Catalyst site that needs to plug in to a highly complex portal and we can help you out!